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Rustin Larson’s poetry has appeared in The New Yorker, The Iowa Review, North American Review, Poetry East, and The American Entomologist Poet’s Guide to the Orders of Insects. He is the author of The Wine-Dark House (Blue Light Press, 2009), Crazy Star (selected for the Loess Hills Book’s Poetry Series in 2005), Bum Cantos, Winter Jazz, & The Collected Discography of Morning, winner of the 2013 Blue Light Book Award (Blue Light Press, San Francisco), and The Philosopher Savant (Glass Lyre Press, 2015).

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  1. Mr. Larson, I am a friend of Naomi Nye and I am trying to contact you to invite you to the Poetry at Round Top Festival, held each spring in Round Top, Texas, midway between Houston and Austin. Our dates next spring are May 4-6. If this is of interest to you, I would like to provide more detailed information. The email address that I have for you does not seem to be functioning. I am Jack Brannon, director of Poetry at Round Top. You may reach me at More information about the festival and campus are available at and also I would like very much to hear from you. Thanks!
    Jack Brannon

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