North of Oxford


By Lynette G. Esposito

Rustin Larson’s poetry volumeSlapoffers a wide variety of poetry lengths, forms and images. Published by Alien Buddha Press, it is ninety-two pages of insightful messages in poetic form.

For example, the poemFour Stepson page twenty-four, creates in thirteen stanzas, a situation of how many steps lead away from home when at the train stop and what it represents. Larson turns this image into the constant life journey of taking steps to all the doors that lead to or away from home.
Four steps, please. Four steps
into the train’s platform
in the middle of the night.
Four steps before you trip
and fall down the basement.
Four steps into the bower
of wild roses. Four steps in fever
into your mother’s arms
in the cool kitchen of your childhood. Four steps
Larson has used the image of four…

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