The Wolf

The wolf loved me.  She let me nuzzle into her clean grey fur which smelled like pine needles and fresh snow.  I hugged her.  She was patient and accepting.  Powerful. Because I loved her, I thought it best to guide her back to the enclosure where she would be safe from the village and its rifles.  But she nipped me quickly on the thumb and I bled strangely, thick, runny, red and yellow, like a broken egg.  I let her go, knowing I had set something unstoppable upon the sleep of the town.

Books by Rustin Larson

Books by Rustin Larson


Loving the Good Driver ($25 + $5 for shipping) “Rustin Larson is a narrative poet who breaks with tradition. A poet whose complex sensibility drives deeper and deeper into the wild and least expected… This is a strange and beautiful collection from a gifted poet”(Meg Hill Fitz-Randolph in The Iowa Source).  “‘Melons’ is zany, original and delightfully absurdist. ‘Creatures Nobody Recognizes’ does a fine job building on the subject of an empty cicada shell… superior poems” (Ken Goosens in Visions International).


Crazy Star ($12 + $4 for shipping) In a voice both unflinching and deeply compassionate, Rustin Larson has created a luminous, deadly serious, yet self-deprecating & quietly outrageous collection of poetry. Stylistically diverse, This book gives the reader compelling reason to be attentive to those extraneous forces that would define us. “…Larson is a terrific, elegant, original poet whose voice rings so truly we become better people just by reading him.” — Naomi Nye, author of Red Suitcase  “Crazy Star is among the best poetry collections this reviewer has read in recent years…” — W.E. Butts, The Small Press Review  “When Larson is on, as he is in this collection, he is as good as anyone writing today, maybe better.” — Michael Carey, editor of Voices on the Landscape: Contemporary Iowa Poets

The Wine-Dark House ($12 + 4 for shipping) “Rustin Larson is courageous in that he is not willing to take refuge in the ordinary. His poetry has been described as ‘stylistically diverse,’ but as this comprehensive collection demonstrates, the style of his work is not applied as a matter of form; rather, it is derived from the nature of the poems themselves. So the reader’s experience is one of wholeness, of the seamless expression of style, idea, imagery, emotion, and message. I read a lot of poetry, and believe me, it has been pure pleasure to immerse myself in The Wine-Dark House.” –James A. Autry   “The Wine-Dark House is a triumph by Rustin Larson. The poems are evocative and finely wrought, brimming with detailed, sensual images and delicately crafted lines. The poet leads us gently, yet with a firm purpose, on a tour of shadowed memory, both distant and more recent, that explores memory’s hard truth. Yet, with patience, he leads us to the seductive comforts of memory. The poems entertain with an informed point of view. They always have that “click” close readers need to beckon them back for a second and third sampling of their writer’s careful and rigorous craft.” –Michael Carrino   “With consummate skill, inspired wit, and a rare compassion, the poems of The Wine-Dark House observe, reflect, and startle, reminding us of the necessary human endeavor to both honor and challenge the occasions of our daily lives. At once courageously personal and generously universal, the compelling poetry of Rustin Larson embodies ‘. . . an accumulation of hungers / as old as fire.'” –Walter Butts

Mental: Stories by Rock L’Orange ($12 + 4 for shipping) “Now the bat is out of the crag, so to speak, and everyone and his cat knows that this is indeed Rustin Larson’s own creation and first collection of short stories, let me say a couple words. O.K. You know T.C. Boyle? O.K. Now imagine a creature, half man, half skunk, wearing a string bikini and skateboarding down the ped-mall in Iowa City while reading aloud the stories of T.C. Boyle. Imagine there is a splotch of freshly chewed gum on the pavement and someone has just placed a lit cherry bomb in a potted shrubbery. Imagine the commotion that ensues, the hysteria and raw carnage. If that isn’t what these stories are, there is a good reason. They are something better. The poet has burst into prose and he has, in this reviewer’s opinion, `done real good.’ Here we have toothless hicks awaiting deployment to Iraq, dogs being used as napkins, and a door-to-door knife salesman dreaming about the furry monkey. The MacGuffin nominated one of these stories for a Pushcart, and that does not surprise me. Here is a wildness to be adored. Go and get Mental!” –Fact of the Universe

Leaves by Night, Flowers by Day [anthology] ($16 + 4 for shipping) After days and hours spent poring over manuscripts, judges Rustin Larson, Nynke Passi, and Christine Schrum were pleased to present the winners of the Iowa Source 2006 poetry anthology: Leaves by Night, Flowers by Day. The anthology contains poems from 34 poets living across the United States and in Australia and Indonesia as well. The judges received scores of submissions, but somehow we managed to whittle them down to these 65 poems, which stood out in some way for all three judges, whether for the poem’s humor, poignancy, lyricism, striking imagery, craftsmanship, or a skilled combination thereof. Features poems by Elinor Benedict, W. E. Butts, Michael Carrino, Care Connet, Michelle Demers, Diane Frank, Glenn Freeman, Dianna Henning, Robin Lim, Joy Lyle, Gladys Swan and others.


Waiting for Evening to Come ($5 + $2 for shipping) Poems that previously appeared in Poetry East, North American Review, The Water-Stone Review and others.  “There is a giant eyeball living/ under the staircase./ There is a giant eyeball/ and seven dancing devils.”

The Bum Cantos ($5 + $2 for shipping) Poems that made their debut in Diode, Illya’s Honey, Poetry East, and Midway Journal.  “It causes great anxiety to buy milk, sulfuric acid,/ memory’s tatoo.  She will wear your wings.”

Tiresias Strung-Out on a Half Can of Pepsi ($5 + $2 for shipping) A Blue Light Press classic, and where it all began, more or less.  “…and so it was we wandered the earth dreaming/ of the perfect incorruptible melon.”

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