Conestoga Zen, an anthology

Conestoga Zen
Gary Young, Three Poems… 5
Christopher Seid, Three Poems… 6
Grace Richards, Screenvision #1, #2 & #3… 9
Matthew MacLeod, Poem– after Jack Spicer… 12
Helga Kidder, Three Poems… 13
Julie Sharp Emmons, Voices of Dawn… 16
Jennifer Grant, Life: Brought to You by Hasbro, Circa 1977… 17
Paula Yup, Three Poems… 18
W.E. Butts, Against Happiness… 20
William Kemmett, Poem… 22
Michael Carrino, The Cricket… 23
Margo Berdeshevsky, God Bless The Child That’s Got His Own… 24
Samn Stockwell, Sprite… 26
Steve Rose, Senior Swimmers… 27
Guna Moran, Good News… 28
Sabah Carrim, I Promise Not To Steal Your Words… 30
Tom Bierovic, Two Poems… 31
Artwork: “Moving to Canada” by Kate Knox… 32
S Stephanie, Come Back (After Kate Knox’s “Moving to Canada”)… 33
Stephen Page, It is Windy Today… 34
Suzanne Rhodenbaugh, Three Poems… 36
Rhoda Orme-Johnson, Two Poems… 39
Margo Von Strohuber, Three Poems… 42
Bill Graeser, Dolphins… 46
Pamela Harrison, Three Poems… 47
Cooper Young, Winter… 49
Christopher Buckley, Early Wind… 50
Loretta Diane Walker, Three Poems… 52
Marilyn Baszczynski, Two Poems… 55
Andrena Zawinski, Three Poems… 57
Donna Isaac, Whither… 60
Laurie Kuntz, Two Poems… 61
Claudine Nash, Three Poems… 63
Carey Link, Kaleidoscope… 66
Prartho Sereno, Two Poems… 67
Jennifer Lagier, Three Poems… 69
Anna Papadopoulos, Three Poems… 72
George Wallace, Three Poems… 75
Diane Frank, Two Poems… 78
Shelly Reed Thieman, Three Poems… 80
Jack M. Freedman, Disco Storm… 83
Ruth Housman, Two Poems… 84
John L. Stanizzi, Two Poems… 86
Karol Nielsen, Three Poems… 88
Hélène Cardona, Three Poems… 89
Nynke Salverda Passi, Three Poems… 92
Minca Borg, Two Poems… 96
Markham Johnson, Three Poems… 99
Dawn Terpstra, Three Poems… 103
Glenn Watt, Three Poems… 106
Barbara Novack, Two Poems… 109
Martin Willitts, Jr., Three Poems… 110
Rustin Larson,“Habitat Group For A Shooting Gallery,” Joseph Cornell, Des Moines Art Center… 113
Naomi Shihab Nye, Three Poems… 116
Vince Gotera, Three Poems… 117

The Philosopher Savant Crosses The River by Rustin Larson

North of Oxford

By Lynette G. Esposito
The Philosopher Savant CrossestheRiverpublished by New Chicago, reveals Rustin Larson’s sense of place, time and sense of humor in almost eighty pages of artistically controlled poems.
In,By Greyhound with Grandmotheron page nine,the reader is immediately invited onto the bus with a safe companion. Larson skillfully sets the scene with the title before he reveals the details in the text of the seven- stanza poem.
Quarters slid into the vending machine.
It’s good to have a town in mind in California
when you speak of death.
The scene is set, the location is clear and the action of eating from a vending machine shows the reader the circumstance. But death?
Subliminal messages: deviled ham
On white bread.
My grandmother handed me half.
The poem triggers the narrator’s memories of sound, taste and color. He mentions his grandmother again so the reader…

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Submissions Open at North of Oxford

North of Oxford

cropped-cropped-north-of-oxford.jpgReviews- Interviews- Essay- Commentary Submissions:

Submissions of book reviews, essays, and commentary are welcome. Send your submission for consideration of publication in word doc with any images or photographs attached , Include a brief bio. All submissions are to be sent to: Please note in the subject line of the email- submission- your name. Our response time should be less than one month. Reviews, essays, commentary, interviews will be published the 1st of each month

Poetry Submissions 

North of Oxford is now open to submissions of poetry. Please send no more than five poems in word doc with a bio and jpeg to for consideration of publication. Please note Poetry Submission and your name in the subject line of the email.  Poems will be published the 15th of each month. Our response time should be within two months. We do not accept any previously published poems.

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